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The mould-check


The mould-check for your home! Simply test the quality of air samples taken in your home and determine the cleanliness of your residential area.


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The KEIMFREI hygiene seal


The KEIMFREI hygiene seal was developed as THE proof of quality for businesses in various industries.


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Professional mold control

Keimfrei is a service company specializing in the fight against health-hazardous mold, bacteria, viruses and unwanted odors. The specially developed sunstance that is used in all sanitizing products, waives a toxic chemical mixture is OECD examined and promises the best efficacy. In the course of mildew control the sanitizing applications can be carried out quickly and without complicated preparations.

Be prevented

The mostly invisible mold spores in the air can especially infants and young children chronic asthma, skin irritations and allergies and thus cause permanent physical discomfort. Using air sampling measurements can also be hidden mold sources detected. Mildew control with Keimfrei.

Mold control with KEIMFREI

The effect of the KEIMFREI products based on a special multi-step process that binds molds through microscopic droplets, and this kills. This will be a highly concentrated formula is manually sprayed onto the affected area of a KEIMFREI technician. The resulting dead mold spores can now be removed mechanically. Subsequently, the entire room air is decontaminated by a Schutzsprühung, which in this case pass the fine droplets into every crack and provided all surfaces with a protective film. This step prevents further attaching all spores and bacteria. After successful mold removal, the space can be used for a short time later.

Free first Appointment

To stand out from a possibly necessary mildew elimination in the apartment to get a clear picture on the spot by the window, to the wall or in the bathroom, sanitizing provides the initial survey including competent technical advice at free of charge. Then an offer is created that is tailored to the needs and circumstances of the customer

7 KEIMFREI Benefits

  • Mould Protection
  • Health Protection
  • OECD-certified
  • Rid of unpleasent smells
  • Long-term effect
  • Guarantee
  • Excellent Price & Service Ratio

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