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keimfrei_Unternehmen_SchimmelbekaempfungKEIMFREI® is a high-tech company in the hygiene branch and is specialized in room and surface decontamination and mould control. Furthermore, Keimfrei is able to neutralize all unpleasant odours and eliminates viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi from surfaces and the room air. In years of research, KEIMFREI® has developed a unique and highly efficient product that eliminates mould at 100% and that prevents re-infestation effectively. It is significant that the products used are tested according to OECD guidelines and are classified as completely harmless for your health. The specially developed and patented substance which is applied in all products is not a toxic mixture of chemicals and yet promises best effectiveness.

Our service portfolio
The comprehensive portfolio of KEIMFREI® ranges from professional consulting services to the permanent elimination of mould spores and the analysis of airborne germs and the industrial hygiene check including monitoring. Various products are used, which are based on different applications of the KEIMFREI® substance. The applications include the simple cleaning of air, the surface decontamination and the lasting surface coating, which is germ-resistant. Depending on the type of application, the products guarantee a provable room decontamination or disinfection and significantly improve the general hygiene.

The competent and specially trained KEIMFREI® team assures a diligent implementation. During regular research, KEIMFREI® also develops new, innovative and healthy mould elimination solutions for different areas of application.

The areas of application
Today, KEIMFREI® is already used in private households, the food industry, the hotel and restaurant sector, residential buildings, the automotive industry and in hospitals in all of Austria and Germany. Renowned companies from industry, commerce, agriculture, the public and private sector trust KEIMFREI®.

KEIMFREI® is synonymous with the best expertise, many years of experience and constant advancement in mould elimination, room decontamination and general industrial hygiene. "KEIMFREI® with Safety" that is the promise of the company's own hygiene seal, the quality proof of the service, which can be issued to the treated company after each application and inspection.

7 KEIMFREI Benefits

  • Mould Protection
  • Health Protection
  • OECD-certified
  • Rid of unpleasent smells
  • Long-term effect
  • Guarantee
  • Excellent Price & Service Ratio

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