Areas of Application

icon_Schimmelentfernung_Private-HaushaltePrivate households

Mould growth is a widespread problem in many households. Very often it is caused by tightly built buildings such as passive homes.



icon_Schimmelentfernung_HausverwaltungenProperty management companies

KEIMFREI offers mould elimination for residential units, basements and attics as a special service to property management companies; also available as preventive action in new constructions but also for existing rooms in the event of mould infestation.



icon_Schimmelentfernung_LebensmittelindustrieFood industry

There are a number of potential places for mould to grow, particularly in artisan and industrial operations, where food products are stored and also processed.



icon_Schimmelentfernung_Hotel-GastroHotels and restaurants

Best hygiene and mould prevention for hotels & gastronomy. More and more hotels have a wellness and spa area. Due to humidity, the wellness area in hotels is at risk for fungi, germs, and mould infestation.



icon_Schimmelentfernung_KrankenhaushygieneHospital hygiene

In hospitals, the best industrial hygiene is of the utmost importance. Surgical theatres free of microbes and well-cleaned waiting and patient rooms thanks to KEIMFREI. The KEIMFREI service cleans the air and ensures germ-free rooms.



icon_Schimmelentfernung_LuftkeimmessungAir analysis for airborne germs

The air analysis is often used in companies that must have a high standard of hygiene. In addition, it is used in private households to show e.g. hidden mould spores. People with health problems, which may be caused by mould spores, use the air analysis for clarification purposes.



7 KEIMFREI Benefits

  • Mould Protection
  • Health Protection
  • OECD-certified
  • Rid of unpleasent smells
  • Long-term effect
  • Guarantee
  • Excellent Price & Service Ratio

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