Mould Elimination in private households

Mould growth is a widespread problem in many households. It is often caused by tightly build constructions buildings.

Nowadays, more often ventilation systems are installed (controlled residential construction ventilation systems), which prevent mould growth by regulating humidity.However, these ventilation systems turn out to be the weak points in the hygiene system since they distribute existing germs throughout all rooms. For this reason, ventilation systems should be regularly inspected and disinfected.

The main cause for mould growth is both the humidity in the air and the moisture in materials such as walls. Moist building components that cannot dry offer the perfect breeding ground for mould growth. Often an intense musty smell is a distinct indication for mould growth.

In this case, the special condensation protection coat KEIMFREI COATING is applied in combination with the KEIMFREI FOG system.

In addition to visual damages, mould can present a high health risk and SIGNIFICANTLY AFFECT the quality of life! 

Numerous medical research studies have proven that mould primarily attacks the mucous membranes of humans and specifically harms the health of the nervous and immune system. The main risk target group includes children, elderly and ill people as well as people suffering from allergies and asthma. However, even healthy people can develop allergies, which then persist for a lifetime, if they are regularly exposed to mould spores (for further information go to the menu item: Health)

Mould – the main origin is moisture, caused by:

  • High humidity (tight construction and wrong ventilation behaviour)
  • Residual construction moisture (occupying the apartment swiftly after the construction work)
  • Water damage (bursting pipes, structural damages and leaking roofs)
  • Rising dampness (usually in basements and on the ground floor)

The KEIMFREI system eliminates effectively mould, spores, musty smells and fire smells. It only takes two hours to rid your home from mould. You do not have to remove any items from your home or apartment. Cold fog eliminates mould completely even on difficult-to-access areas such as cracks, joints, behind built-ins or in air conditioning and ventilation systems!

If the customers so desire, KEIMFREI issues a guarantee letter which documents precisely the type and products used in specified rooms as well as the date of application. In this way Keimfrei can assure a continuous quality control during inspections on the basis of complete information. 

Odour neutralization - swiftly and non-toxic

The KEIMFREI cold fogging method in combination with the characteristics of the product KEIMFREI FOG ECO eliminates all unpleasant smells in the rooms. The substance itself is odourless compared to traditional products, which mostly mask odours with various scents. KEIMFREI CONTACT is applied to surfaces with acute mould growth as additional prophylaxis in combination with the KEIMFREI FOG system.

All smells are neutralized such as:

  • tobacco and smoke smells
  • burnt smell
  • musty odours
  • smell of corpses
  • smells of sweat
  • sewer smells
  • animal odours
  • and many more

Our products are tested according to the stricter OECD guidelines and they are classified as  

  • non-irritating to eyes
  • non-irritating to skin
  • non-irritating to mucous membranes
  • non-toxic if swallowed

and therefore, warning labels are unnecessary.

The mould check for your home.

Just check air samples with mould check and the mould contamination can be determined under your own roof.

Easy and swift application

The “Mould Check” is simply placed in the room where mould growth is suspected. Many types of mould are not visible to the eye and they can be easily determined by the check.

The specialised research centre AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology) carries out the independent analysis.



7 KEIMFREI Benefits

  • Mould Protection
  • Health Protection
  • OECD-certified
  • Rid of unpleasent smells
  • Long-term effect
  • Guarantee
  • Excellent Price & Service Ratio

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